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Kasugai Flower's Kiss Candy 4.54 oz.

Kasugai Flower's Kiss Candy 4.54 oz.

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Kasugai Hana no Kuchizuke is a classic Japanese candy with unique milk and plum flavor. It is individually wrapped with an image of birth flower (for all 366 days including the leap year day) and its flower meaning (in Japanese). It is why the name of the candy literally means "Flower's kiss" in Japanese. It is a very popular candy. Enjoy! Kasugai is an internationally renowned food company specializing in the export of Japanese candies and snacks. They are known for their exceptionally clean and robust flavors and iconic items such as roasted green peas, gummy candies, and hard candies. Flower's kiss candies are made using Hokkaido cream, fresh milk, and ume to yield a rich flavor that conveys the taste of fresh Japanese dairy and fruit.

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