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Ahmad Tea Black Tea, Peach And Passion Fruit.

Ahmad Tea Black Tea, Peach And Passion Fruit.

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Our bestselling Peach & Passion fruit blend is one of the best flavor combinations. Our Tea Masters create a balanced base using brisk and robust black teas from Africa. We then add real peach and passion fruit pieces, along with our exclusive peach and passion fruit flavoring. This enhances the tea with rounded and sunny fruit flavors. The ripe peach and tropical passion fruit create a brew that’s exquisitely fruity and cleansing, with an uplifting exotic aroma.Ahmad Tea was built upon the quality of teas that it produces and has accepted 22 Great Taste Awards.

  • Ingredients - Black tea, Peach & passion fruit flavoring, Peach, Passion fruit
  • Origin - Malawi, Kenya *Subject to change due to seasonal variations.
  • Brew Time - Infuse for 3-5 minutes. Great served hot or iced.
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